COCOL is a charming craft boutique located right in the center of Madrid, easily recognizable by its blue wooden facade and large windows, it used to be an old tapestry workshop.

Here we can find a variety of everyday objects: traditional ceramics, enameled utensils, mortars, cutting boards, blown glass, cotton towels, wicker, and straw.

When entering COCOL, you’ll be transported to your grandparent’s house or to a village shop through the smells of wax, mud, leather, esparto straws, wool, and soap.

You’ll feel the urge to touch and feel everything and rediscover materials and textures, try on a hat, a beret, some espadrilles, a virgin wool sweater or a shawl knitted on traditional looms.


Our hope is to select and recover timeless objects crafted by the hands that hold the knowledge which was passed on from generation to generation.

We are committed to artisans who are masters at their craft.

At Cocol you can find lifelong traditional products and others reinterpreting tradition: from the Botijo (earthenware pitcher) to the abstract poetics of Esparto and stones.

We believe in a quality attentive neighborhood store, with useful and beautiful objects that are part of our daily life.

We offer the possibility for responsible consumption which gives visibility to products made outside the usual circuits of commerce and mass production.


The imprint of hospitable hands. Containers made to give shape to the shapeless shape. Art of huts and palaces.


Knitting, sewing, embroidery... those are the arts of warmth. Fabrics that tell stories learned from other hands.


Alpargatas, and Menorquinas, (straw shoes and sandals) to walk through time without boundaries. Caps and hats to make the cold and the sun our friends.


Rough strong materials, softened and domesticated by knowing hands, heirs of a long tradition.


We feel when we see, we see when we touch, the grain of the wood gleams in the light. Wise hands make each piece a unique object.


Where fragility shows all of its beauty. Imperfections are beautiful scars in the work of skilled glassblowers.


Lifelong appliances that bring us back to the flavours of childhood. Utensils that mould our good taste.


Leather goods that come with us, tanned by use and embellished by the passage of time.

"This is an adventure, I’m turning over a new leaf.

An idea that sprouts in favourable soil; the chance to do what really makes me happy, at the right place, at the right time, in one of Madrid’s most beautiful squares.

Behind Cocol there is a passionate search and a work of observation. We must be alert and willing to listen to what the objects and the people who make them- tell us.

Discover the pleasure of the find, of what reaches and touches us close to our soul. An emotional search through villages and memories. "
Pepa Entrena


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